Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I likes making pretty designs

yes, yes i do. regarding the mum situation! she has asked me to do a whole bunch of graphic design work for her, which i think is awesome :D

mainly because it gives me something to do, and i hopefully get paid for it. nothing has been signed yet though. basically it's just a whole bunch of t-shirt and newspaper ad designs, nothing too tough. although later i might have to make some brochures and that.

monkeys are always fun. also! my artist friend and partner in crime Lawrence has started up a blog to catalogue the things in his mind. usually, he thinks about zombies, hence the Art of Zombies blog. check it out!

i'm glad i have work to do, and i think working for an NGO might be good for my KP (Karma points). i mean, helping out the community and that is supposed to be good right? like...duh.

very politically incorrect of me but fuck it, i like drawing ninjas. also, want. yeah, i think i could make a habit of drawing these design things, although now i'm worrying that i'm going to run out of ideas. feel free to give them to me! i will draw them and like...take all the credit.

i leave you with a piece of advice everyone should take to heart:


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Also, the link to the zombies is teh broke...

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