Monday, February 23, 2009

Howdy Howdy Howdy

The internet has returned to my life. Oh, how i missed it :P

Yeah, so i've been working on a new comic. I have pretty high hopes for this one, and when it's done i'll post a page or two. The gist of it is basically acceptance of who you are, which may sound deep but really isn't. I have realised that i am a very sarcastic person, and so have embraced this for the comic. I'm particularly proud of the writing on this one :)

And yes, i know i said i was working on Magni and his Chickenheadedness, but the slack thing was that i was reusing a whole lot of my old characters. I didn't dig this at all, and kinda want to start something new and fresh. I reckon that might be the way to go. i mean, none of my old characters got published, so what the hell lets just make something new up. 

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