Sunday, March 1, 2009

Who watches the Watchmen watching the Watchmen?

So, i have had an action packed last couple of weeks. There was good news, bad news, and slightly weird but understandable news. We got robbed last week, some burgulars pried open the bars designed to keep them out and raided the house. Didn't take too much, but what they did take was pretty damn expensive. After a whole day or two of drama and strife, my mum got back the laptop that was stolen due to the efforts of an ex-cop who's now a security guard at the CC. 

It was like an episode of Walker: Texas Ranger without the roundhouse kicks. And then this Friday, i was home alone with my sister and grandma, when the watchmen next door knocks on the door. The landlord decided that since the house was vacant, he should get us a watchman to keep an eye on the place. 

Me: Hey man, whats up?

Watchman: Uhh, there was this guy next door, he told me he was here to take my job and that i should clear off. 

Me: what? no man, i wasn't told about some new watchman. 

Watchman: well, that's what see said. He's a pretty big guy too, i was scared. 

Me: well...come on, lets go talk with him, see what the fuck he's up to. 

Watchman: umm...

Me: come on, they'll be two of us, right? 

Eventually i managed to coax the watchman into coming with me to look for this guy. When we reached next door, he was gone. Soon after that, the watchman took off home. This was at around 8ish mind you. Completely, fucking useless. 

So, i tried calling the crimestoppers number, and got an engaged tone for the next half hour (after calling up over and over of course, i didn't listen to the tone for half and hour, that would be dumb). Then i called my uncle, who was much more effective, and actually brought some cops with him over to the house. 

Yeah, the excitement, it never stops around here.

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