Friday, March 27, 2009

The Ducks are alright to Touch

I had the trippiest dream this afternoon. Started out with me going to this hotel up in the mountains somewhere with my dad. The place looked temperate, not tropical you know? kind of like a snow lodge sort of thing. We unpacked, and my dad said he was having a sleep, so i should go explore the hotel. 

I walked around the grounds for a while, and then the main building. There were a lot of like...really attractive women there but i didn't feel like talking to them.  For some reason it was more important for me to explore this place. I decided to make my way back to our room, when i bumped a middle aged woman and she dropped her glass. She was having lunch with a companion who was a large fat man. He kinda looked like santa without the suit. 

I apologised profusely and went to go get her a new glass from the bar. The barman was Hugh Grant. He gave me the glass and said "weird dream isn't it?" That kinda confused me, since i didn't think i was in a dream at the time. "it gets worse." he said ominously. I handed the lady her new glass and she thanked me. They offered me their room number for some reason, and i declined. 

Then here's the weird part, i went to sleep in the room. Not the woman and her fat friends room though, i've just read that bit and that would have been weird. I meant, it was weird that i went to sleep in my dream :P . A short while later i wake up and in my underwear, open the balcony to look at the mountains. A low mist washes over the mountains and forms this huge factory across the river. It was some pretty cool special effects i must say. So i put on some clothes and make my way to the factory, which i discover comes up to my waist. 

Like Alice at the talking door i bend down to look inside and find it full of animals. Little tiny farmyard creatures, but mostly pigs and sheep. For some reason, i wanted to play with them, so i crawled into the factory. Then it gets weirder, because everytime i touch an animal, it goes flying and bursts open, blood and meat and guts flying everywhere. I start crying, because everything i touches dies. 

As i cry, the factory gets bigger, until i seem to be about normal sized. I enter a room full of ducks sitting on a counter. I am scared to touch the ducks. Eventually i get up enough courage to lightly touch one. It quacks. Ecstatic, i grab the duck and hug it. One whole wall of the room slowly lifts, revealing a gigantic computer screen full of charts and graphs. I try to read the words, but of course, you can't read in dreams, but i get the impression that this is some of training facility. 

Then of course i wonder why i can't read the words properly, and i wake up. 

That might have been the weirdest dream ever.


Wilson said...

Lay off the err smoking ;P

and FYI i went home and played GTA4 - just like i said i would :P

Nongkyndong said...

ducks spread H5N1