Monday, December 3, 2007


i don't why i picked that as the title for this post, it was the first thing to pop into my head, so it was what i wrote. cool aye?

last friday was one my old friends birthday. i didn't know this until i ran into her and her crew when i went out. she looked so happy to see me that i instantly felt slightly guilty for not knowing. then i bought her some alcohol so it made it better. it's amazing how even though you haven't seen someone in ages they can still be exactly how you remember them.

also, i punched a girl in the face. now the actual event was not as bad as that sentence implies. we were dancing ( for decency sake i won't give her some sort of easily deduced nickname) and she did this spinning around and dropping down thing, which was alright except for the bit where her face hit my hand. pretty hard.

she was alright though, no bruises or bleeding, except to maybe both of our egos.

i also need to work on my dancing more.

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