Saturday, December 13, 2008

Remember that one time? Where i was all, Edd wants it?

I have ^_^

After finishing up another round of Market Research work, i scored some monies and a copy of Wrath of the Itch King. Lich King? Something like that. 

Seedus was the first to go to Northrend, for some reason (i was still unsure whether i would buy the expansion) i had respecced him from Arcane to Fire. I think i knew...besides, fire is the coolest spec ever, what with all the new instant spells you get for going aaaall the way down to the bottom of the tree. Too bad Living Bomb is useless :( 

It's a damage over time spell you see, and as a mage, you can't allow an enemy to be wailing on you while you wait for some DoT to take effect. We are not warlocks with huge health pools...we are weak little glass cannons. So, for the final payoff for the high end burst damage tree to be a DoT is a little...meh. That's the only complaint you'll get out of me about Fire as a tree. 

I just re-read those last two paragraphs and realised that if you knew nothing about WoW it would read like a foreign language =_=

Anyways, looks like i'm northrend bound now :)

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L.Cass said...

you're gonna have so much fun playing this in England!