Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I threw a beanbag at her

I am depressed. There are all the signs, (and the sighs) and this bug that my lovely cousins have bestowed upon me. Then there are all the usual worries that i have, that i'm not doing anything in particular with my life, that the girl that i love is a thousand million kabillion miles away, that i don't have a job! 

man...i'm going to give myself early wrinkles and a receding hairline if i don't deal with this soon. 


L.Cass said...

Dude...you're not even 21 yet. Stop your moaning. You haven't seen anything yet.

sharky said...

Second that...dont sweat the small stuff man, there`s more where that came from...save your resilience (or the lack thereof) for that.