Thursday, January 29, 2009

Funerals and Chickenheads

So my internet has been playing up for the past couple of days, but it's all better now :D

yeah, last night i was struck with this vision of a man with the head of a chicken, and was worried that if i didn't draw it i would lose the idea. Thus, Magni Chickenhead was born. He is a man, with the head of a chicken. for further clarification, check the above diagram. 

Had to go to a funeral today, so i put on my suit, went to pick up my aunt and her kids and then made my to the church. My grandad's brother passed away this monday, and at first i wasn't too concerned because i hadn't seen him in ages. Then i was there, in front of his casket in the middle of this packed church and i saw his face. He looked...peaceful, as most dead people tend to look, and then the memories came back. I can't believe that i forgot all the things he said to me when i was younger.

My uncle was...a great man, always encouraging and practical. I'm going to miss him, and of course feel really guilty for not spending more time with him. 

Of course, i could just draw more pictures of men with chicken heads.


Anonymous said...

You reckon Mangi Chickenhead can take down Chicken - Boo?

Albie said...

Heck yeah, i mean it would be a close fight, but eventually Chicken Boo's clothes would fall off and everyone would realise that he is actually a giant chicken.