Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hey...hey Bill?

Watched The Thing at Johns house yesterday, and surprisingly it holds up really really well. The reason for this is mainly the story, since it's all about human nature, mistrust and above all, fear. Anyone of your friends could be...the thing! 

The special effects are also still pretty good, because they used stop motion and prosthetics and things. So basically we're watching real props on-screen and nothing is faked. 

An interesting note that Lawrence made was the similarities between The Things in The Thing and the necromorphs in Dead Space, how they split apart and form seperate organisms and all that. It was a pleasure watching the daddy of dead space, so to speak, strut its stuff :)


L.Cass said...

Hey...your hero doesn't have a kick ass beard like Kurt Russel. You can't fight THE THING with out a beard...

Albie said...

which is why he's about to be eaten by...The Thing :O