Sunday, January 11, 2009

Poison? I only drink poison!

so i have just recovered from a long weekend of much merry making and alcohol. Needless to say, there were good times. except on thursday. now, the drunkest i have ever been was that one time i drank some tequila and passed out outside my house, within crawling distance of the door. i remember thinking, i can make it, it's just a few more feet. let me get some rest first though, just to get my strength back. and then i fell asleep. 

on thursday though, i was so far gone i thought i could see the future. honestly, thats how messed up my time perception was. then at the end of it all i reached home on sunday at 7 in the morning. all this is necessary though. in my opinion you're only allowed to get regularly messed up if either someone has died or you're leaving your friends for a new country. 

the latter is a better reason. 

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