Monday, January 12, 2009

Party time! Excellent!

so, i had another farewell party. there was one a month or two back, when i decided to tell everyone i was going, and my aunt was all, "you have to come as soon as possible!" so all my friends freaked out and organised this huge party thing. it was quite spectacular, but obviously nothing for ms. organize-it ronna. It was huge i tell you, i didn't know half the gang there, but that was because it was kind of a combo party thing. She seems to like organizing those. 

Yesterday was smaller than the last farewell party, but i kinda liked it better. just a whole bunch of close friends getting together to wish Lawrence a happeh birfadeh and say bye to me. we sang the songs, were hypnotised by Wilsons winamp visualiser thing, and stuffed ourselves with food and birthday cake. Cake is good :) 

when the party was over, Arjay showed up with his company rental and dropped a whole bunch of us off at home. Now John lives out in the middle of nowhere. I mean, Lami. So of course, i had to go with Arjay all the way to Lami and back to keep him company. This is because its boring driving back by yourself, and i assume its harder to jack some foo's car when there are two people in it. 

On the way back into Suva, we get stopped by the cops. It was just a random licence stop though, so we got through pretty quick and were soon cruising off to town. Now, what do two people who have just been stopped by the cops decide to do? We go to Traps of course. 

So yeah, i've got a couple of days left in Fiji. I was sitting on the verandah this morning thinking about how long i've been here, and how i can't really picture myself anywhere else in the future. Heck, i was born here, despite the fact that i have a maroon instead of blue passport Fiji is in my blood. Who knows if this will change, or what the  heck will happen in the next few years, but right now, i really love this country. The people i've met, the things i've seen have all made me who i am. And i'm not that bad a person for it :P 

And speaking of Ms. Organize-it Ronna, she's also helping the Griff with his ventures of getting the heck outta dodge, and asked me to do a sketch of the Griffster. I look forward to seeing what she does with it. 


sharky said...

sorry I missed the farewell...inexcusable, i know.
Also, I would think that he would be drawn without a shirt...or have things changed in the last 4 months?

in transit said...

oh the pink tank top is absolutely wonderful! Just like i remember him.

Bon Voyage, Shmalbie!

Albie said...

he's got a bit of a belly on him now sharky shark, so perhaps some form of clothing would be appropriate :P

also, you can't tell if he's wearing pants or not, so that's sufficiently griff like anyway ^_^