Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Westfall...its brown

if you look closely you can see Frieda in the middle of the screenshot there. she's the one wearing purple. she recently began her adventurin's in Westfall. Westfall is...very brown. also, i'm not playing world of fog-craft, it's just my computer that has a slack (read : none) graphics card.

the reason i bring this is up is because it's what i've been doing a lot of lately, killing time in between working on my portfolio and running after two hyper little hellions who happen to be my cousins. they love Frieda by the way, at some point we had this conversation:

Albert: and Frieda's a mage see, she can shoot fireballs at the bad rat men.

Littler cousin: oooh! she's a magic lady!

Frieda blows up some kobolds

Littler cousin: yay! she's a strong magic lady!

Albert: i have another mage you know, his name is Seedus and he's pretty cool, you want to see him?

Littler cousin: okay!

albert logs Frieda off and logs onto Seedus, his level 70 blood elf mage

Albert: see, he has a dragon, isn't that cool?

Littler cousin: i have a dragon too.

Albert: really, what color is it?

Littler cousin: it's pink!

bear in mind that this littler cousin of mine is two and a half years old. i was kinda dissappointed that she liked my low level alliance mage better than the blood elf one, but i can see how she can relate to the girl one better.

anyways, Lakeshire beckons!


Wilson said...


Albie said...

i's just scouting out alliance territory, i swears it!

also, the kids like Frieda better :(

i wish they liked seedy.

Nongkyndong said...

it's the hair babe...its kinda...I'm gonna say "long"

shiva said...

arghhhhhhhh i cant remember the password to my lvl 70 blood elf mage


shes lost...lost forever..

*continues sobbing*

Anonymous said...

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