Thursday, November 1, 2007

Is it just me?

i was talking to a mate of mine a couple of days ago, as we ran down the road, about women. and the pursuit of.

women are complicated. this is an established fact. don't try to deny this.

i asked him if it was normal that i haven't been feeling the urge to pursue girls lately. when i was younger (he says with smoking jacket and pipe) i had this urge to pursue females all the time. i think it was hormones...anyway, lately i've been feeling slightly complacent about the whole let's find someone to date sorta thing.

my friend suggested that maybe i have a lack of confidence when it comes to women. i doubt this, i talk to women all the time, they make up half of the population for crying out loud, i just don't flirt with a whole lot of them.

anyway, writing this out is kind just a mental disgorging of thoughts i've been thinking lately.

addendum: i wrote this post a couple of days ago. yesterday i found out that i very much like flirting with female peoples. so yes, basically this post is pointless except for the fact that it points out that i have no idea what i want at times ^_^

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