Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Let's pretend we're living in a fantasy world

you know how i was all, "hey! i have a job again!" yesterday? scratch that =_=

the gods have conspired to make life extremely difficult for me once again, and so i must find a way to put more bread on the table. for my children. which i don't have.

anyways, today i felt really lonely for some reason. so i wandered around the town at lunchtime, looking at random things and people. usually i get lunch with my mates, but they were busy...or in the west...or at their homes with family.

i have decided to look at the positive side of being slightly less employed again. i think it may give me more time to hone my artsy skills. that' s a pretty lame positive side, but work with me here people!

anyways, more aimless ramblings tomorrow. the cyborg chick at the top of the page was drawn at work ( and i wonder why they dont want to give me a full time contract :P)

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