Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Oh no, what do we do?

So, I have the house to myself for a week. The women of the house have left on a fantastic voyage of feministic purposes and as such, I have had to fend for myself for the last few days. It's actually very lonely to be honest. The house seems so quiet at times, especially since I don't usually watch television, or require more than a couple of lights to be on.

This week is also the first week of THE NEW PC. We went down on Saturday and purchased a pretty shiny new computer for me to work and play on. I'll tell you one thing, it's a fucking godsend to be able to open photoshop and not have to wait for 5 minutes while it loads. Now, I just click the icon and wa-hey! There it is.

I was also surprised to find that it came with a semi-decent graphics card. Not the best mind you, but it has enabled me to play Fallout: New Vegas. On high. As recommended by the game itself, so there.

Sometime soon, there will be a New Vegas post, most likely with screenshots (which I really have to figure out how to do, I keep getting a black screen when I paste them into photoshop).

Initial thoughts though! A lot of the other reviews I've read pretty much sum it up. If you wanted more of Fallout 3, here it is. And boy, do I want more of Fallout 3, seeing as how I played the entire campaign in a net cafe. I don't know about the main questline in Vegas though, it's not as compelling at the point where I am at, but the sidequests. Oh my, the sidequests.

But more on that when I've had more time out in the Wasteland.

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