Sunday, August 19, 2012

AwesomeCake Image Extravaganza

I was cleaning out my phones photo gallery today, when I found a few gems here and there. Thought I'd put them all into one post for maximum laughs. 

So enjoyabry (I am going to hell).
 Most of these photos are example of awesome engrish I have found on toys and such at MH's. Although sometimes...

It's just a misspelling. Still, that's an awesome cambo. 

I used to be just really cool with my stylings. Then I got this laser pistol and became ULTRA COOL MEGA STYLING. 

I remember posting this one to Twitter, ( that's this thing over here ) But it was still pretty funny. This is Hulk BOXING. 

Zeus is moonlighting in Ben10 apparently. That would be a pretty OP thing to transform into. You know, the King of the Gods and all that...

Nothing to see here. Just some ponies living an alternative lifestyle. Totally their choice... 

Yeah... I just thought that was a pretty suggestive pose. Maybe that's just me? 

This really needs something next to it for scale...but it's a really tiny door. Perhaps it's a dwarf factory? 

No one loses when they buy these corn sticks. They're what you might call... a no losing situation. No wait, that's not right... 

The rest of these images are from The Hibiscus Festival. I shall let them speak for themselves. Wilson also has an awesome post from 2007 (Wow...) about Hibiscus if you compare the photos he has in this post though, it looks like they've repainted a few of the rides. And well... need to repaint a lot of their signage >.< 

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