Sunday, September 30, 2007

Imma be Fame-ous one Day

So i got to go and check out the FAME awards on saturday night. which was pretty interesting to say the least. the FAME awards are the Fiji Awards for Media Excellence, which should really be the FAF-ME awards, but people don't like being called faffy, so i guess they decided to go with the whole fame thing. which is good. yay for you guys.
anyway, it was good, a whole bunch of the media bigwigs showed their faces and shook hands and kissed ass and all that, which is to be expected when they gather under one roof. the beer was free, i enjoyed that.
the ceremony was pretty short and sweet, with about one award a minute going out, i guess they didn't want a whole Oscars night, that lasts ages because people are giving speeches. because we all know how them media people love their chatter. so yeah, they announced the winner, the winner runs on stage quickly, grabs their new paperweight and runs off stage before the next winner is announced. it was a good cycle. a cycle of winners.
i'm tempted at this moment in time to make slightly vitriolic comments regarding the amount of entries that were handed in. the thing is, you have to enter yourself in the competition, to have a chance to win. i don't know if there's a way to sponsor someone for an entry, but the only ones who were considered for awards were people who were confident enough to blow their own horns so to speak.
but regardless, the food was good, the beer was tasty, my uncle scooped a prize and i got to catch up with an old friend from my high school days, which is always good. she almost ran me over with her car later on in the evening, but i would tried to do the same had i been in that situation.
but yeah, one day, i'm going to be famous. i'm already awesome, so it'll kinda be like a step down.

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