Monday, April 27, 2009

Of the Arcane persuasion

Don't look at his left shoulder, just don't =_=

Anyway, so Seedus is now Arcane spec. After being fire from pretty much level 10 (11?) and then frost for a little while because my account got hackzored and the hacker had respecced me. Arcane is slightly overpowered at the moment, so much so that my good friend Yzi paid for duel spec and then specced arcane twice. 

Also, i realize that that paragraph won't make much sense to a couple of the people who read this blog. Just look at the pretty picture :)

Reading the Summer of the Sisterhood at the moment, for some reason i've been reading a lot of girly books lately. First was Memoirs of a Geisha, which was awesome by the way (Hastumomo is such a bitch!) and then the Moth Diaries which is about a girl at boarding school. Who thinks one of her classmates is a vampire. Oh, and has slight lesbian tendencies. 

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