Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Stay away from de Voodoo

My arm hurts. I received a call yesterday from Wilson first, and then from a kind of ex-employer of mine, who asked if i was busy. He had a job for me, and since i'm kind of not doing anything at the moment except for working on my sci fi/ romance novel, i decided to do the job.

Basically he wanted me to draw all over one of the walls of MHCC, for a special event the wine shop was having. I had no time to prepare, no time to aquaint myself with the materials, and i had to draw in chalk. Chalk. 

As i said to him, there are many artists who can be given a blank canvas he's never worked on and tools he's never used and create a masterpiece. They should have got that guy =_=

anyway, it came out alright (there was this one lady though, who called it unimpressive. I wanted to stab out her philistine eyes with chalk) and i get paid on friday. A hundred bucks for 3 hours work isn't that shabby. Also, i have learned that i need more practice at drawing with chalk on walls. Perhaps i shouldn't have been such an obediant child. 

Also, picture above is of Mr. Kongo. He is a shaman.

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