Saturday, July 25, 2009

Batmans and More Espers!

So, I've finished Final Fantasy 6. Finally. I had the playstation version a long long time ago, but i never got around to finishing it. I think it's because I got it after i got part 7. And part 7 was in 3D. You can probably see why i played that one more. Anyway, I am glad i have that out of the way. And i was happy with the end. Strangely though, i had no trouble with the last boss at all. Well, not entirely.

You see, i had some trouble getting to the last boss. So i decided to level the characters a bit and i think i got carried away. Most the party were around level 50 (45 is reccomended for the last boss) and two of my girls were level 70. One of them, get this, could hit up to 8 times per turn.

Doing a little research on the DS version of Final Fantasy 3, to see if its worth getting. But 6, is widely regarded as a classic, and theres a lot of words debated on whether or not its better than 7. Graphics wise, of course 7 is the victor. I'd have to give points to 6's battle system though, which is very very flexible. And of course, they give you like 14 characters to mooch around with.

Onto another Geeky subject, I got Batman: The Brave and the Bold off of Wilson recently. It's an awesome show. The art style is reminiscent of the old Adam West TV show, and it's very very cheesy.
Batman approves. And so do i, because it's pretty easy to draw the B&B Batman :P


Bellerophontes said...

wheeeeeeeee 6 is my 2nd fave :D Now go play 9 :)

L.Cass said...

suddenly every one's a Batman fan...