Saturday, July 11, 2009

Here we go

So, the colors have been chosen, the avatar and the banner are brand spanking new (yes, thats a badly drawn dragon...also a viking) and I think that'll do for now. I wish there was a way for me to have a slight texture on the background...but I dunno if Blogspot lets you do that without choosing one of them fancy layouts. I like this layout as it is, functional and such.

Tomorrow, i am going to be twenty years old. Thats a long time, you know, when you think about in terms of the average human life. I'm just happy that i have accomplished something to show for my twenty years, you know? I've written things, I'm in love, theres the not so distance prospect of tertiary education around the corner and well, there's still a lot left to do.

This is also the 250th post on this blog, i remember starting this thing, back in 2007 and not having a general direction for the damn thing. I still don't, but at least i've kept at it, which should say something. I'm not actually sure what that says, perhaps that i have a lot spare time on my hands, but at least it says something.

So, like the title says, here we go. And i mean we, you and i. I mean, if you're reading this, whether this is the first time you accidently clicked on the site, or if you're a friend of mine who's hopefully going to buy me lunch tomorrow (it's my fricking birthday!), i want to say thanks.

Here's to more awesome cake, and the next random, rambling 250 posts.

1 comment:

sharky said...

I would buy you lunch....but thing might take a while to get to you!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN ADVANCE!!!!!!!! longer a teenager....always be a modri in my eyes boi! :P have a fantabulous birthday albie!
may you get some AWESOME cake!