Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Stay away from de Voodoo

My arm hurts. I received a call yesterday from Wilson first, and then from a kind of ex-employer of mine, who asked if i was busy. He had a job for me, and since i'm kind of not doing anything at the moment except for working on my sci fi/ romance novel, i decided to do the job.

Basically he wanted me to draw all over one of the walls of MHCC, for a special event the wine shop was having. I had no time to prepare, no time to aquaint myself with the materials, and i had to draw in chalk. Chalk. 

As i said to him, there are many artists who can be given a blank canvas he's never worked on and tools he's never used and create a masterpiece. They should have got that guy =_=

anyway, it came out alright (there was this one lady though, who called it unimpressive. I wanted to stab out her philistine eyes with chalk) and i get paid on friday. A hundred bucks for 3 hours work isn't that shabby. Also, i have learned that i need more practice at drawing with chalk on walls. Perhaps i shouldn't have been such an obediant child. 

Also, picture above is of Mr. Kongo. He is a shaman.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Of the Arcane persuasion

Don't look at his left shoulder, just don't =_=

Anyway, so Seedus is now Arcane spec. After being fire from pretty much level 10 (11?) and then frost for a little while because my account got hackzored and the hacker had respecced me. Arcane is slightly overpowered at the moment, so much so that my good friend Yzi paid for duel spec and then specced arcane twice. 

Also, i realize that that paragraph won't make much sense to a couple of the people who read this blog. Just look at the pretty picture :)

Reading the Summer of the Sisterhood at the moment, for some reason i've been reading a lot of girly books lately. First was Memoirs of a Geisha, which was awesome by the way (Hastumomo is such a bitch!) and then the Moth Diaries which is about a girl at boarding school. Who thinks one of her classmates is a vampire. Oh, and has slight lesbian tendencies. 

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Just...google the Sex Pistols album cover

God Save the Queen, is the name of the album. Also, i've been pretty angry today for some reason. I dunno, lack of work, a cold and the prospect of going to study in Austrailia has made me feel like a merry-go-round upstairs. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Squire Mork

Seedus recently attained the rank of Champion at the Argent Tournament, and one of the rewards you receive is this little squire dude called an Argent Gruntling. I have named mine Mork. I find the first panel really cute also. Orc kids are comedy gold.

On an unrelated note, this my 200th post :P

EDIT: slight change suggested by John. Makes the comic about 3 times funnier i must say =_=

He turned to a life of Crime

Because he could'na get a job aye?

Monday, April 20, 2009

The RNG Boss Outfitters Company

For the times where you can't cause a wipe, call on RNG!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Johnny McEvil

came up with a Nameless and Aimless plotline today that doesn't involve redoing anything i've written. Some of it involves this guy:

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Last post for today, i promise


Fiji dollar has been devalued. Also, while looking for news i found that 'net cafes are being shut down by the el governmente. Are they?


It offends, doesn't it?

I need to get the Flash for home, i love how it makes my lines straight >_<

Monday, April 13, 2009

Awesomecake Easter Weekend

So i had myself a pretty awesome Easter weekend. Thanks to Jesus for dying and being rezzed all those years ago to bring us this pretty cool long weekend ^_^

First off, i went to church, where i saw a kid that looked like the Indian version of Alfred E. Neuman, the Mad magazine mascot. I knew people would not believe me, so i took a photograph. 

and for comparison, heres a pic of Alfred himself. 

The resemblance is uncanny. Then after church it was off to Nukulau to camp! I went with Wilson and his family, Lawrence, Apples, Arjay and John. It was serious good fun, and although my sister didn't let me take the camera for fear of dropping it into the ocean, John took a few shots with his camera phone. Which he got sea water on at some point. 

This was our domicile. There were a few shacks like this spread out along the beach, and we commandeered one and put some tarp up to make a serviceable shelter against the elements. After having slept in it, i can confirm that one, the ground is hard, and two, that tarp does indeed protect you from elements. 

Group shot of most of the gang. I spent a lot of time sharpening mah cane knife in case of like, crazy people attacks. So instead, we used it hack up some firewood. Arjay and John were pretty good at making fire, so i think that perhaps they wouldn't have been voted off the island straight away. Also, Wilson managed to injure himself. Twice. I personally got a huge bruise on my toe (i thought i may have broken it at first) but at least i only hurt myself once! 

Then my sister, my mum and i went to the west. We stayed at the Fijian, and i ran into a couple of ex-employers of mine that i wasn't too ecstatic to meet. I also remembered why one of them particualrly gets on my nerves. He asked at one point if i thought they were going to make a sequel to Watchmen. 

Dinner was Thai food, which was delicious! My mum always complains that i'm a picky eater, so it took both of them to convince me to eat the Thai food. I will admit, i was wrong to doubt them. The seafood was particularly delicious. 

Thats us being particularly politically incorrect. Also, they had Point Blank at the games room. 

Mum also managed to beat me twice at pool. I wasn't used to the table! It was such a soft table, that everytime i made a shot the cue ball would roll for aaages. I also managed to sink the black twice in a row, forfeitting both games. 

On the ride back to Suva i listened to the news on the radio. Or what was allowed to broadcast. To be honest, it pissed me off. Unless you're living in another country or under a rock, you'll know that Fiji is going through another political crisis at the moment. As a result, the military has sent censors to all the news agencies to prevent the broadcast of news items that might cause instability. Or further instability, i guess.

Freedom of speech and the media is important, is all i have to say. Without it, you won't know whats really going on, and how can you make important decisions regarding yourselves or your loved ones if you can't get information? 

Anyway, weekend was awesome, apart from that. That is all. 

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I'll do it for free, coke!


It's not the size of the palm that matters!

So i've been going to church lately. This was the suggestion of my uncle, who suggested that it may help me like...focus on my life and stuff. It's been alright so far, i haven't burst into flame or been struck by lightning. Also, this sunday i got the biggest palm at palm sunday. Seriously, look at the size of this thing.

I don't think i get extra God-points for having the largest palm, but it's useful for many things, such as camoflague. 
Seriously, try and find me in that photo. I'm like fucking Rambo. In the jungle. Camoflagued. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

He has such a range

I know its pretty big, but you can't read the badly handwritten descriptions otherwise. Yes, a highly productive day at the office if i do say so.


Unholy moly!

LinkLook, the way i see it, you can't buy Wrath of the Lich King for all this money and not level a Death Knight. It's easy too! So it's not like it's taxing on the mental processes or anything. All you have to do is send your ghoulfriend (hehehe) at a bad guy and then whack them with your sword.

It's not rocket magic.

In other news, my mummy and sister are back from their trip in Austraaaahlia. That's how its pronounced by the way. This means that i get some loot!

They got me an awesome coffee cup and a new badge for my jacket. Which has a collection on it now. Fuck yeah i've got flair.