Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sworn to Secrecy

I've been pretty busy this week. A couple of nights working late, a couple of meetings with clients and when I'm not in an air conditioned environment I just want to close my eyes and sleep. I've been thinking about starting up a small freelance company, just to have a name to give to people when they ask me to do work for them and such. Finding the right name to put on it has been a little difficult.

Part of the fun of all this work though, is that I can't talk to you guys about most of it. Because of "confidentiality". What is confidentiality? Well, basically it's a way for people to cover their arses in business terms. It's a crazy competitive world out there, apparently.

I want to write a bit about women, but I've never been very good at that. Both writing, and women, so I'll just say that age old adage. Women, are complicated.

My father gave me several pieces of advice when it came to women, most of them delivered at sunset on the back veranda. His "approach" if you will, was insistence. Not like, continually pressing the point sort of thing, because that would be annoying. Just, be yourself, and not worry about trying to impress someone.

Because, if you're worried, then you feel that something's wrong with you. And no one wants to date a guy who has something wrong with him :P

Oh, and always make your intentions clear and honest. I think this was his way of explaining the "friend zone" to me.

I have to admit, that I haven't really been following his advice. And heck, the way things are going doesn't seem so great, so maybe I should try.

Anyway, enough of this, I think the heat is getting to my head. I'll leave you with a light hearted anecdote from this weekend.

John, Arjay and I are in Traps, which has just been renovated. They have a huge dancefloor in the middle bar now and space lasers all over the place (pew pew). Eventually, it came to the time where I really needed to siphon the old python. I make my way into the mens room, and step into a spaceship. I kid you not, they got their bathroom from a space shuttle. It's all silver and black and the button over the john is a huge lever thing.

I was so impressed that I rushed back to John, who was talking to a friend of his who recently got married. His wife was sitting next to him, and didn't seem involved in the conversation that John and his mate were having.

Me: Dude! Have you been to the bathroom yet!? It's totally a spaceship!

John: Uhh, yeah. Albert, this is (So and so) and (His wife)

Me: Oh, Hi. Congratulations. Have you been to the bathroom yet (so and so)?

So and so: Um, no. Not yet.

Me: You gotta check it out, it's the coolest bathroom ever.

So and so's wife: I've been in plenty of fancy bathrooms you know.

Me: Yeah, I bet you could tell stories.

*uncomfortable silence*

Mr. Eloquence strikes AGAIN!