Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Still at it

Still playing Terranigma, at the moment. It's good fun!

I've restored the world with all the happy aminals (although, sadly you lose the ability to converse with animals and plants. It's a bit depressing now, because when you try all you get is a "...") and humans have returned to the surface world.

Now Ark has to progress the human race in terms of their technology. You start out in Tibet up in the mountains, and end up travelling through the Gobi Desert (after a little quest involving zombies!) and end up in the Balkans.

Yes John, they can still be zombies if their heads come off. They are "magic zombies"

Eventually Ark runs into a princess who is the spitting image of the girl he left behind in the underworld. Weeeeird. Hopefully we find out why this is. At the moment, I kinda feel like there isn't a huge driving plot in the game, apart from let's get the world rebuilt. Which is great, I guess, but there's no urge to go and fight something.

Also, I fought the most fucking annoying boss. Her name is Bloody Mary, and I kid you not, she is a hard one. When you go up against her, your attacks will do one or two points of damage. You have to shell out for a whole bunch of magic rings if you don't want the fight to last forever, because she has 300 hit points. Also, she hits like a truck, has these magical orbs that spin around her, and will take off her face and throw it at you.

After that fight through, you get to go to America! Yeah, apparently she was keeping Christopher Columbus in her basement, and once he's free he'll teach the Spanish sailors how to get to the new world.

Yeah, so I mucked about America for a bit, met Alexander Bell and Thomas Edison (who are named Bell and Eddy in the game, but I got the referances ^_^) and then ended up exploring a cavern at the Great Lakes.

The boss in there was I guess. I took a screenshot!

OMG Spoiler! The Hitorodon is good and it's the starfish that are evil!

Oh yah, after that you find that Wilbur Wright was stuck in the cave! Whats up with all these historical figures getting captured by bosses?

Anyway, we shall what awaits Ark. Although, I'm sure by now that goat is wondering if he's ever going to call her back.


L.Cass said...

dude... this actually looks a lot cooler than i thought.

Glad you're still loving/ appreciating the retro gaming.

Reminds me of when I downloaded and finished Splatter House.

Albie said...

Yeah! I was pleasently surprised with the graphics, but I guess it was made towards the end of the SNES so they had come up enough tricks to milk the system.

Also, theres another boss I really wish I took screenies of, an ancient God thing in a Mayan temple.