Monday, February 15, 2010

Waking up screaming

I kid you not, I had the worst nightmare I've had in ages.

Started out with me being in some sort of tour guide group in a factory. I remember it being very boring, as in "this is a big machine" and "over here, we have a window" so I decided to look around a bit. In a room to the side, I found a baby in some boxes.

The baby was very, very fat. So I took it to the security guards booth. The security guard was a Fijian man, who looked exactly like one of the guys from Rotaract that I know. Anyway, he looks at the baby, and holds out his arms to take it, when the baby suddenly flies out of my hands and starts flying around the room.

"why don't you want to keep me?" it asks, over and over as it begins to fly faster and faster around the little security office. The guard and I took one look at each other, and ran out the door into the factory. Suddenly, the water pipes along the walls burst, and we're drenched in water as we slip and slide toward the exit.

"Caaaaita! Caaaaaita!" the guard kept wailing, the babys words kept getting louder and louder until we ran out the exit. The factory was built on a huge hill overlooking a village next to the sea. There was a long winding staircase that was cut into the hill, with wooden posts to help you keep your balance. For some reason, the guard decides to ignore the stairs and runs straight down the hill. I ended up taking the stairs.

At some point we were jumping over barbed wire fences that were about knee height (maybe to keep the baby in?) through a field of flowers. The babies voice was a faint echo, and I thought I'd made it out. Then the guard falls down, I turn to look at him, and the baby is in the field, floating over the body of the guard, who is convulsing on the ground and bleeding from the eyes.

The baby looks at me, an evil cherub with dark dark eyes and says :

"Don't you want to play with McJesus?"

At this point I woke up screaming. I mean come on, the Anti-christ is freaking scary.


sharky said...

woah. /shudder.

Chels said...

Usually I despise hearing about other people's dreams, but this was thoroughly entertaining.

Anonymous said...

...sketch the creepy baby