Sunday, November 7, 2010

In terms of productivity...

Warning: WoWSpeak ahead!

Look at your main, now back to me, now back at your main, now back to me.

This weekend might have been what you would either call a waste of time or fucking awesome.

Why is image so small? A wizard did it.

All I know is that Seedus had a hell of a lot of facetime with me this weekend. He managed to get his Red Proto-Drake (rawr!) a couple more iLevel 264 items and thanks to Arjay he scored Quel'Delar (also known as the 5000 gold sword).

Part of the reason why I think I've been playing him a lot is because Fire (which was my levelling spec, ah good times) is now as viable as Arcane and also totally awesome.

Before the 4.01 patch (strokes old man beard) every Mage and his dog was Arcane. I had an off-spec. It was also Arcane, that is how bad it was. Now I can throw fireballs and pyroblasts like a giddy schoolgirl once again.

Just don't look at the crummy offhand. I TOLD YOU NOT TO LOOKS!

The Quel'Delar questline is also pretty freaking Epic, especially if you're a Blood Elf (remember the Sunwell!) I have never seen the bloody Battered Hilt drop, and Arjay had 3 in his bank that he had forgotten about. THREE! I jokingly said that he should give me one and god bless his heart, he sent one to me in the mail.

Most of the quests are solo-able, but I did have to recruit a mighty shaman, stoic warrior and diabolical warlock for some of them. And in the end, the Blade that was shattered was made whole again, a testament to the tenacity of the Sin'Dorei.

Eww, I think I had a little geek-gasm there for a second. Anyway, before I sign off I better also follow up with the fact that I still suck at fixing girls and that I drink way too damn much. But hey, at least this weekend I was productive.

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