Monday, May 16, 2011

The Slowest Hour

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It really is the slowest hour isn't it? Unless of course there's work. In which case it's OMFG where did the time go. And then let's not get started on work that comes in at 4:59PM. But! Truth be told I do love my job, and most of the time I do manage to get some drawing done everyday. Which is awesome.

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Dragon Age 2. I drew a comic that kind of had spoilers and since one of my friends hasn't finished yet, and we all hate that feeling you get when something is spoiled for you, I made a non-spoiler version for him. The full version, you can see here if you want.

Yes, I played a female Hawke. I'm not entirely sure why. (At this point my friends would probably yell out "boobs!") But it was good fun most of the time.

Without going into spoilers, some things irked me about the main storyline, particularly towards the end, and the lack of visual variety kind of dissappointed, but the combat and companions made up for it. Oh, and Varric, who is just the coolest Dwarf ever.

Speaking of spoilers, I actually managed to spoil the ending for myself thanks to my sister. She was playing what I thought was a pretty cool battle, so I ended up watching her finish it, only to realize that it was the penultimate battle of the game.

I then had to finish the game that night, because if I didn't, it would mean that my little sister had finished the game a full day before me. As it stands, we finished on the same day. She is not the winner. We drew.

Overall, it was more Dragon Age, and I will definitely play any DLC that comes out, I'm actually doing a second playthrough because I finished the game without Sebastian (a DLC character).

And now, I return to the internet to find inspiration for drawings.

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