Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Bitch is Dead

Quick update!

Spent most of yesterday playing Warcraft, this was because Seedus was complaining that we never do anything new, it's all Heroics, Heroics, Heroics. So after forcing him to go through 5 Heroics (muahaha) I put myself in LFG for Onyxias Lair. I have only been there once before, and have bad memories of that one run. You know it's going to suck when you wipe on the trash mobs in front of the boss >_>

Yesterday though, it was an epic night. I disconnected on the first try, when I came back the room was full of whelps and Ony had just landed. We wiped, and I felt like it might have been my bad, and then I really felt it was my bad when the raid leader asked why there were so many whelps flying around and raping people.

So, second try, I was an Blizzard making machine. NO WHELPS LIVE TONIGHT! and such, and such.

Man, I've been to a couple of raids before, but Onyxia is such an adrenaline rush. Dodging Deep Breath, blinking out of the way of Fireballs. Ice Blocking out of the Bellowing Roar >_<

And then she fell. The first thing that dropped was the mage blade, which I won the roll for, against a warlock too I might add! I think Mages should get an automatic +20 to their roll, because it is actually called a Mageblade. Link!

Also rolled 100 on the 22 slot bag :P

All in all, not a bad Sunday night!

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