Thursday, November 26, 2009


It takes a conscious decision for me to draw something that doesn't end up looking cute. I think it's my optimistic disposition that seeps into my art. However, sometimes I surprise myself. After drawing the roaches for John I started thinking about the other creatures that would inhabit this apocalyptic world. Behold! The Necrosaur!

Are those muscles? Holding the metal bits on? Ewwww!

Effectively blind, the Necrosaur is an unholy mesh of flesh, sinew and metal. Oh and it has a chaingun. I will confess that that was because I got lazy when drawing the right arm and plonked a chaingun on there. Makes sense though, for ranged attacks and to take out aerial foes that might attack the necromancer. The necromancer sits on the back of the necrosaur, and uses the four crystals that have been hardwired into the beasts brain to control it. (Through electronic induced harmonics of course)

The original saurian that the necrosaur is based on is a peaceful herbivore, so all the extra armaments apart from the powerful hind legs are prosthetically added in the flesh factories. Magical glyphs are inscribed onto the softer underbelly of the necrosaur, to reinforce the usually weak spots.

A fearful sight to behold in battle, the Necrosaur is usually used to protect the casters of the Crimson Lords armies. However, the Necromancer controlling the beast must take care, for if he loses control or is killed in battle, the beast will tear apart friend and foe alike, until the dark energies that hold it together dissipate.