Monday, November 30, 2009

Woohoo Pain!

I have managed to bork up my leg really badly. This has resulted in pain whenever I stand up, sit down or lie down. There is no comfortable position, and the nausea caused by the pain is very very annoying. How did I bork my leg? Managed to slip outside O's on saturday morning, stand up immediately and walk off to dance for the next 2 hours. That night, in Nadi (yay! Nadi!) I started shivering and stuff.

Pretty much the rhythem to which the pain pounded in my head.

So I tried to sleep it off at the party. With music at the maximum volume being played by speakers right outside the room. Anyway, went to the hospital yesterday, had an x-ray and all that and it appears I've just torn some muscles or something. The doctor didn't actually tell me what was wrong, just that I had no broken bones. Gotta love CWM. She didn't even want to look at my leg!

Me: You want to see? The pain is on the upper thigh here.

Doctor: It's alright, we'll send you into get an x-ray.

Me:'s right here.

Yeah...I'm supposed to get a whole lot of painkillers today, so look forward to some drug induced posts in the next couple of days. I now return to writhing in agony, hopefully listening to this show will make me laugh.

Oh, and I am awesome at making friends with girls, have I mentioned that? Just friends.


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