Sunday, December 6, 2009

Crimson Necromancer

I know, it's in black and white, and flat. But I haven't had the strength to draw anything all week, so this is what progress looks like. Not particularly in the mood to color this, but if there are any volunteers I can forward the jpeg :P

The leg is still sore, also has develops some tough hard bits along the hip. They are a different color to the muscl-y bits that are sore. I know, tasty.

Because he looked lonely on his own, I added the ghoul thing.

The Crimson Lord employs many Necromancers to work in the flesh factories that he has built across his domain. They are responsible for maintenance of the undead horrors that he has at his disposal. Many of them also perform "upgrades" on themselves, such as removing organs to replace with machinery and electronics to allow them to control many more creatures.

Also, Wilson is responsible for the little teeth on the necromancers hat thing. I was doing some sketches and stuff in Nadi when he suggested that teeth would make him look nastier. They do indeed Wilson, they do indeed.

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