Monday, December 28, 2009

Kniiiife Fight!

Lan Session at Wilsons was super fun. Pizza for dinner, Street Fighter 4 against Lawrence "Shoryuken" Cass, Gears of War 2 (in which we discovered that the Locust can ride other Locust into battle) and then we played PC games ^_^

I think the winnar that night (and the next morning) was Call of Duty's multiplayer. Even Apples played! She screencheats though, totally.

I didn't sleep all night. And the sunrise after a hard night of shooting pixels is quite beautiful. Even if it is just a gradient. Lack of sleep made me a bit competitive I think, I remember constantly checking the scoreboard toward the end, and trying extra hard to stay at number one >_<

Also, went to church on Christmas day, and my uncle (who was preaching) told the congregation about my e-card. Talk about being ousted in front of a crowd. Luckily I was sitting in the front, and tried to make the back of my head look as innocent as possible. Thanks for that uncle :P

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