Thursday, May 13, 2010

Planes Creature Codex: Varoan

So, when I make things, I usually like to have a think about the story behind it. I needed some bat-like creatures for the game I'm perpetually working on so I had a chat with the gang (Lawrence, sonics was an awesome idea) and sat down and started writing out a backstory for these things. Was good fun.

Planes Creature Codex:
Entry 751

The Varoan

The Varoan are a race of humanoid bat people, who evolved in the dark underground reaches of Opal Mountain. They are a proud race and followers of the god Roan. (The name of their people basically translates to the "Children of Roan"). However, of late a schism between the working class and the clergy has led to a divide in the Varoan people.Biology

Varoans have poor vision compared to humans, but compensate with an internal sonar, with which they can detect even invisible beings. They stand from 7 to 8 feet tall, and have vestigial webbing between the arms and torso. This webbing allows them limited gliding ability, and helps to break falls that would otherwise be fatal. A Varoan can also emit a sonic attack that can liquidize flesh and crack solid rock.


Varoans are adept at the use of their tuning weapons, usually a sword or spear, which they use in a traditional form of martial art developed to give them the advantage in tight, cramped conditions. These weapons are also capable of emitting sonic waves which can disorientate, stun of knock out foes. All Varoans are trained in combat from an early age.


Varoans have not had a king for many centuries now, although there is of course, a prophecy about a king rising in a time of great peril for the Varoan people. The priests of Roan lead the masses, but lately have been opposed by the workers and intellectuals of Varoan society. The reason for this schism is the emergence of one Vexus, known as the Herald of Roan by the clergy. Common Varoan are mistrustful of Vexus, because although Roan speaks to him, he is also human.

The Cult of Roan (And the Rise of Vexus)

Roan is an old and bloodthirsty god, he demands regular blood sacrifices and ceremonies from the Varoan in exchange for his protection and knowledge. However, like all gods, he seeks to expand his power and in the merchant Vexus he saw his opportunity.

Vexus is a man with charisma, a powerful talker and leader, who was originally a merchant from the lands south of Alandria. Roan spoke to Vexus in his dreams, promising him power and status if he were to bring about the age of the Bat God. Vexus gathered a cult of like-minded or simply weak-willed humans and set off to find the promised Lost City of Varonan.

The Avatar of Roan

In his travels through the vast underground lands of the Plane, Vexus encountered a huge four-winged bat. Unusual for its great size, this particular bat had grown so large that it had taken to hunting Wyrms for food. Vexus merged his life force with this bat, empowering it and forming a telepathic link with the creature.

Upon this bat, he entered the City of Varonan at the head of a massive host of cultists. The Varoan people were suspicious of this surface dweller, but the Priests of Roan regard him as a messianic figure, the chosen one of Roan, the Herald of the Age of the Batgod.

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