Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Return of Ambrose

Ambrose hates phallic looking tentacle monsters.

With a vengeance! Yesterday Mr. D pointed out that I had just been painting pretty random things lately, and that I should try doing some "Characters and shit, y'know?" as he put it. So I spent a few minutes chewing on the end of the paintbrush and then realised that I hadn't drawn Ambrose in a while. Plus, when drawing Ambrose you can have fun drawing all sorts of outlandish alien shit.

Also, you can't draw phallic tentacle beasts without drawing Toothy McVaginamouth next.

And of course, you can't draw Ambrose with Action Scientist Lydia giving him "the look".

Ah, "The Look", I know it well.

In related news, went on a location scout trip today to check out the place where we're going to be shooting this thing. Was good fun, and very inspiring, especially for Mr. Cass (our director extraordinaire) who proceeded to shoot a short animatic to help with the storyboarding process. Once again, I'm pretty excited about this whole thing, should be freaking awesome when finished.

EDIT: If you want some more information on the short film that we're working on, there's Lawrences site here, which has information about the location and our recent scouting trip, and Wilsons site, which has the first Production Diary post up. EXCITING, NO!?

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