Monday, September 13, 2010

A-2 Policebot

So, the gang (being Wilson, Mike and Lawrence) are working on a new sideproject.

It involves Robots! At some point we all sat down and had a chat about what kind of machine it would be, what it would look like and colors and such. We settled on a Policebot (in time, you will see why) and a couple of features that would be needed.

Lawrence suggested a flexible neck/spine and attachments that could be removed and changed around, so that while you have your basic mech for patrols and such, in case of riots or civil unrest it can be made to do crowd control.

Also, I love concepts with text on them, so of course I had to add my own :P

After I sent that to the guys, there was a request for a blueprint so the Mike could make the model.

And this is the rough model, which Mike says is an outline that has yet to be refined, but you can see the basic shape there.

There will be more updates and such when there is more news to divulge on this subject.

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