Thursday, September 23, 2010

And feeling it too.

me: you sure?
Wilson: draw yourself wearing the cap
like - all fashion and all
me: mmmmnnnn
Wilson: since you're always wearing caps
me: I doan want to draw me :P
but okies

That's how this whole thing started :P

I was looking for an excuse to try to do something completely digital using the wacom, to get more practice in. And trust Wilson to come up with an idea like that. Granted, I probably took it in a different direction than he was expecting.

While not exactly the most masculine of colors, pink is pretty fun to work with.

Oh my god...I need to go and find something to rip apart with my bare hands. Preferably some sort of small furry animal.


1 comment:

Wilson said...

Puppies :P

Because you are a bad person :D