Saturday, September 11, 2010

All this is Nature-al

Went to Colo-i-Suva on saturday. As you may already know, I'm not really an outdoorsy type of person. I will admit though, that it was pretty cool to get in touch with mother nature. Although I did learn that sometimes you shouldn't touch mother nature, because she takes it the wrong way.


Yeah, so I saw some spiders and waterbugs and there were parrots flying around and shit. Totally a forest kind of situation. Everyone else went swimming but I was a little (very) hungover, so I kinda guised the swinging on a rope thing.

I could have done without walking all the way from the Raintree Lodge to the lower pools and then walking back again, but I guess it was all a part of the experience.

Anyway, it is ridonkulously hot at the moment, so I am going to go and put my head under the tap.

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