Friday, June 3, 2011

What? I'll be right there!

Me receiving the call for the shoot.

So I have been pretty busy lately with work and such. Methinks it might just be the season, but that's all good. It's all life experience :P

But I did have an enormously fun time last night with the cast and crew of the new short we're working on for the Kula Film Festival. I was just going through some of the "behind-the-scenes" stuff that we have, and some of it is video!

The producer and I in our epic car chase scene.

Seriously though, this years production is shaping up to be epic, we have another day of shooting to do, and then the production stuff will start cranking out things.

Which there will be links to from here, of course, so stay tuned.

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sharky said...

eeeks! can't wait!! sounds tres exciting!!! sigh, thanks the internets for not having me miss out on all the excitement completely. *wish i were there*

also, staff*