Monday, October 22, 2007

On the subject of the olden days

so for some strange reason today i was tripping on Dragonlance and Little Nemo in Slumberland. for a while there was nothing i would read except Dragonlance novels. the adventures of a band of heroes on a magical planet named Krynn. my stepmum first bought me my first one when i was in class eight, she picked one up from Value City or something, an old second hand bookshop, and i was hooked. my favorite character, i still remember, was Raistlin, he was a mage, first of the order of the red robes and then the order of the black robes, and was a very tragic character. he was weak for one thing, without his magic his body was frail and cursed. he made up for it by his enormous store of will though, yes, Raist was a fun character.
i'd go searching for each and every Dragonlance book i could find, which eventually led me to the Deathwing Cycle by the same authors, which i also read meticulously. it's sad to think about it, but my favorite novels are based on dungeons and dragons modules.
and then i saw this on Deviantart this morning, and a part of me just smiled. i loved Little Nemo in Slumberland as a kid. i'd watch it over and over again (as well as Fern Gully, which made that piece of art even more sweet), even though i got scared in the bits when the bed grew legs and walked. i used to have nightmares about falling off of that bed. i also used to have dreams about that princess...although at the time i was slightly confused as to some of my feelings towards said princess.
i miss being that young sometimes, and i'm only eighteen. i think today i'm going to go and see if i can find the dvd at comsol.

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