Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Further complications have arisen, prepare the loller-rocket

so i was drinking sprite with John at Maccers when the Griff walks in, takes a look at me and goes,

"Albert, why the hell are you yellow?"

it was then i realised i was, i knew i was sick for the past few days, like erky sick, but jaundice? come on! who thinks they have jaundice? so today i am going to the doctor, which should involve lots of fun things like blood tests. yaaay blood tests!

so last night, as i was drifting off to sleep, i began to wonder about what could be causing this yellow.

for example, maybe i am turning into a giant banana. perhaps, soon i shall be orange, and then later move through the entire color spectrum. maybe i's just mutating before the rest of the population and soon we shall all be yellow? no?

then, i realised it wouldn't be so bad. i mean, if i decided to turn evil and take over the world, the Green Lantern would be powerless to stop me.


Wilson said...

Unless he is Hal Jordan...

Albie said...

yes, unless he is Hal Jordan, but then i would simply prey on his mind, by questioning him about his time as parallax.

actually, i think that now that the impurity in the main core battery is fixed, all GL's can affect the color yellow now.

but i was just seriously joking anyways.