Thursday, July 10, 2008

Moi Mouf 'urts

from all the talking i've been doing...silly!

yesh...the questionnaires that i have been given to complete are about 20 minutes long when you've finished asking all the questions and whatnot. and i have to complete about 20 a day. so...yesh, all in all it's 400 minutes of asking the same questions 20 times to 20 different people. i'm young though, so its okay ^_^

i read somewhere that you should try as many things as possible while you're young, stupid, and can still recover from it. if so, i'm pretty much on my way there. i mean, in the past year alone i've drawn and colored for comic magazines, been at an advertising firm, designed ads, blankets, website banners, sung in a band ( ^_^b ) and been a part of a marketing survey. 'tis been an adventure, and its just July.

i today. most of the gang i asked went through the whole questionnaire, and were really nice about it. one guy even gave me a couple bowls of grog while i was interviewing him. i also managed to stumble upon the local secretary of the Fiji Taxi Union, Mr. Rishi Ram. twas interesting, because when i asked for his name, he was all, "what? you don't know who i am? i'm on the front of todays Fiji Times darn it!"

then he took out the Fiji Times, and sure enough, the man's name was written there. in the bottom left hand corner. on the front page. really.

and yesh, i got a couple of people who recognised me because of my mum. but it's a small country, and to be expected :P

anyways, i am glad i have this short term job, and i'm not really feeling morbid about my birthday coming up at all.

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