Saturday, April 17, 2010

Full Flavour, Full Strength

Sketches! Well, technically they're also inked and colored...bleh

Haven't been behind the drawing table or at the computer much this week. Lots of walking around being amongst the people though. So instead of comics I gives you some illustrations I been make.

This here is a fire lady.
Surprisingly, her sex is not on fire.
And if yours is, it's probably chlamydia.

I will admit that I did the pencil lines for this one while I was a bit tipsy. I was a bartender last week Wednesday, and it was good fun. I don't have much experience with the job, but my mum needed some help with an event her company was organizing (which coincidentally, had to do with the launch of a poster/booklet I made for them) so I said I would help out with the bar.

I'm new enough to serving drinks that the novelty is there, but not so noob that I don't know how to pour a glass of wine properly.

Protip: twist the bottle as you finish pouring to prevent drips. Also, wine wastage.

And, I got TWENTY WHOLE DOLLARS for about three and a half hours of work. After I got home I had a couple of beers and did some sketching. That session also produced the pencils for this awesome Iron Man picture.


Now that I have reminded you of my existence, I'm off to do some, yes, you guessed it

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