Saturday, July 3, 2010


Greetings true believers! So, I've started doing the concepts for the fourth issue of Ambrose. Once again, I've gotten ahead of myself when it comes to this project, but then again, I have plans for all 12 of the first volumes issues. Seriously, they're all written out, with outlines for scenes and stuff.

Yeah man, I'm deadly serious about this shit.

The cool thing about writing this thing though, is that new things are popping out of my head all the time. There was a point on Friday, when I was walking through town, when I saw a guy who looked like the Fijian version of Albert Einstein. Which got me to thinking about, what his name would be and how I could work this character into Ambrose.

I even called up Wilson to get the translation of stone. Because, translated into English, Einstein basically means One Stone.
Another thing I like doing is drawing heads. Which some of you may have learned by now. Here are a few heads I did, I started out trying to get some new faces and stuff for the girls of Ambrose, but I ended up drawing Lydia and Lily a bit too much, I reckon.

And here are some sketches for the villain of Issue 4, the Nefarious Avinesh.

The EC Gloves must have taken a lot of work to get right, so I played around with the idea of various experimental versions that Dr. Strock went through before he created the Orb. One of them...was Avinesh. Who's crazy.

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skippy said...

All your sketches look great! i hope you'll be able to post some of the comic as you get it done, i'm excited to read it!!!