Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Scarabian Concepts

Concept art is always fun. Coming up with ideas, drawing them out and extrapolating even more ideas from that point. Last night I decided to sit down and do some proper concept art for the Scarabians, which are kind of a major part of the latter half of the first series of Ambrose. Way back in the day, when I first started drawing Ambrose, they looked like Egyptian Zombies, pretty much.

Yeah, I know. That art is SUPER LAME. That's Ambrose circa 2008 by the way (eagle eyed people will notice that the colors of the gloves are reversed)

Anyway, I went with a more bug-like theme for the scarabians this time. I thought it would be cool to have these skinny, undead bug guys mucking around in floating pyramids across dimensions. I also worked a little bit on the background story for them as well. Before, they were just a race of interdimensional zombies trying to find a new home.

I worked from that origin point a bit more, and played up the zombie curse part, so that whichever dimension they do enter, their very prescence causes decay and ruin, forcing them to travel from one dimension to another to find a place to stay.

Also, the cool thing is that now that I have the concept and the story for these guys, I can start putting little nods into the earlier parts of the story, which would make for a pretty cool reveal eventually when they do...what it is this they're going to do.

Oh, I am such a huge tease, aren't I?

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