Saturday, June 12, 2010

Getting a little Ahead of Myself again

OMG Sneak peek. And yes, I still use CS3.

Even though I've finished (basically, still some extra tweaks to do here and there) the first issue of Ambrose, I'm halfway through coloring the second one. Now, why put so much effort into something that might not even get printed, you ask? Sit down, go on, right there and I'll explain.

When I get an idea, be it for a story, a comic or a giant laser cannon, it is very rare for me to finish it satisfactorily. The difference with this is, I have the whole plot in my head for the first season (or volume, whichever), which has been simmering away for the past couple of years. Also, my art isn't completely disgusting right now, so I'm not worried about it looking bad.

Ambrose needs to be finished, properly, or I won't be able to consider myself a proper writer and artist. Heck, I've even got ideas for crossover comics and a main storyline that spans several dimensions and thousands of years. My favorite thing about this project though, and the part that excites me the most, is that it's sci fi.

Be prepared for some outlandish shit, ya dig?

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mcb said...

CS3? You're talking to someone who used PS7 (the great great grandaddy of PSCS3) for 5 years before upgrading to CS3... CS3 is pretty flash!

but.... i did have to upgrade to PSCS5 this week after a computer crash (I couldn't find anywhere to download PCSC3 again), and it IS pretty cool....