Sunday, June 20, 2010

Achievement Unlocked: Chaperon Young People!

So, it was the sisters 18th birthday this weekend. She was fortunate in that she had her actual birthday on a saturday, unlike some people who will have theirs on a tuesday. Seriously, that's a lame day for a birthday. I guess if you were an optimist you would say that it would brighten up an otherwise dull day. Silly optimists.

The lazers were useful for keeping the kids in line.

She had a pretty cool party, with balloons, much sangria and merry making with friends. I had to don the role of chaperon for the evening, you know, make sure that the kids didn't do anything crazy like try to dance on the tables or do vodka shots with their eyeballs.

Highlights of the evening included one of her silly friends skidding a lit candle across the table onto my lap, yelling at a very silly individual who decided to make a mess all over the table and generally watching all these kids get progressively tipsy.

And now, for something completely different.

This picture was on my hard drive for some reason.

Remember when I had that weird trip about getting a job in the service industry? It appears I have relapsed due to repetitive insistence by family and friends for me to find a "real" job.

Actual quote: "You need to just go and get yourself a shitty job, preferably with bad pay and working conditions. Something traumatising, you know?"

I'm looking into it, who knows, this could lead to my writing improving from real world experience. You know, dealing with actual human beings instead of the imaginary ones in my head.

More on this as it develops. Full story at ten.

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