Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Well, That's the Easy Part out of the Way

So, I've completed pencils, inks and colors on 1 (one) issue of a little comic I will call "Are you Ambrose?"

Yes, again, because it never got published the first time. No hint of bitterness in that sentence at all, although I was looking at my old pages recently and yeah, it's probably just as well :P

Like the title says, drawing and coloring this thing is the easy part, it's getting the work out there that will be difficult. But! I've mentally put myself down as proactive about this project (see, that helps!) and so after I post this I'll start working on some proposal letters.

Dear Sir,

I have an awesome comic that you should totes advertise in. The kids will love it, we'll be rich beyond our wildest dreams. Yes, even that one you had where you had a harem full of nubile young mountain maidens.


In further news, Wilson has finally put up the production diary for the shoot we had last week saturday. As much as I hate directing traffic away from here (seriously, stay a while, and listen) this is the LINK. Further required reading is Mr. Directors blog, which you can find (I'll even link to the post!) HERE.


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