Sunday, June 27, 2010

Do you want a Banana?

Ah, bananas. The most awesome of all fruits.

Yes, a comic about boners. Which I personally think are awesome. In most situations. I'm pretty sure I ripped that joke off from somewhere though. Also, speaking of bananas, you need to watch this clip. It will probably make your mind wobble a bit.

This weekend really was a bit of a blur, so there are no stories there. In fact, the boner comic was drawn on Friday evening, just before things got blurry.

Moving on, I was thinking about Lydia last week, and how she affords all her equipment and stuff. Reality Unlimited of course has government funding, but there are some things that would just break that budget. However, Lydia is also independantly wealthy, thanks to her best selling book on relationships.

That's right ladies, I can design book covers!

And finally, while we're on the subject of Ambrose, Wilson finally sent me the first draft of the cover that he was happy with. I warn that this still needs tweaking and stuff before we consider it print ready, but it was just too awesome for me not share.

So full of win that it magically puts
bananas into peoples pockets.

This week is the week that I have decided to throw even more effort into Ambrose. Mainly because it's almost July, and The Plan that Ms. Manager and I have put together has a big red mark next to July.


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skippy said...

your banana comic made me giggle inside!