Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Adventures in the Magical World of RL

An homage to wobbly-headed Bob.

For some reason I was feeling a little down today, but making that comic helped! It really did! I fully recommend drawing depressing comics as a cathartic way of getting rid of the blues.

Today was pretty full on, I must say. I had a ride in a government vehicle at some point, managed to get my immigration woes sorted out and had an EXAM (the order of these events might be a little mixed up). Speaking of exams, here is scan of one of the exam papers!

OMG I totes forgot that trolls can be priests.

Yeah, I answered the religion question though, so don't worry. University is SERIOUS BUSINESS.
After the paper, since I was in the neighbourhood and had some time to kill, I decided to finally pick up a few copies of the Wansolwara, which is the universities paper.

I was entitled to a few copies because I did a cartoon for them. I have included it here. They raped it a little bit (thanks Ed.) and I would have included an original scan of it, but 1) the comic they used was drawn at a coffee shop on the day they needed it and 2) I don't have the original.

Also, although not included in the scan, they credited me as Elbert Rolls. I don't know whether to be upset or be happy that I know have yet another nom de plume.
The vomit was the editors idea.
I mean, I draw things with a little more class usually.

And then I had the aforementioned ride in the government vehicle. Which is a story I will probably save for my memoirs (Coming out in the summer of 2012! Reserve your copy NOW!) but I can say that it was good fun.

Todays blog post was written to the sounds of Pomplamoose. YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS BAND. Their cover of "I don't want to miss a Thing" is particularly win.

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