Thursday, July 31, 2008

Is just a force of habit i guess

so i won't find out until tomorrow what disease i have that is turning me yellow. the blood test was lotsa fun though. the nurse took a while to find veins on my arm, but once she did it was over and done with pretty quickly. also, i'm not a bleeder apparently. everyone seems to be assuming that my liver is messing up though, because i drink too much. me? drink too much? pashaw!

anyways, this is a short post, but the comic accompanying it is kinda interesting, i dunno where i was going with it, it does ramble on a bit. train of thought writing is fun sometimes.

also! i will change the colors back soonish, the yellow is starting to hurt my eyes too =_=

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Further complications have arisen, prepare the loller-rocket

so i was drinking sprite with John at Maccers when the Griff walks in, takes a look at me and goes,

"Albert, why the hell are you yellow?"

it was then i realised i was, i knew i was sick for the past few days, like erky sick, but jaundice? come on! who thinks they have jaundice? so today i am going to the doctor, which should involve lots of fun things like blood tests. yaaay blood tests!

so last night, as i was drifting off to sleep, i began to wonder about what could be causing this yellow.

for example, maybe i am turning into a giant banana. perhaps, soon i shall be orange, and then later move through the entire color spectrum. maybe i's just mutating before the rest of the population and soon we shall all be yellow? no?

then, i realised it wouldn't be so bad. i mean, if i decided to turn evil and take over the world, the Green Lantern would be powerless to stop me.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

You need to be more dominating, Mr. Fitzpatrick

so i was being erky and sick, when the 'ol gtalk thingo pops up in the corner of my screen and sharky goes

Sharky: how is you feel now?
The Al: sick
Sharky: you look like harry potter in your pic

the memories that brought back! there was a time when i couldn't walk down the street without people saying something along those lines. oh wait, that was yesterday. is not that i mind, well, not that much.

it's just it's not true!

i look nothing like Daniel Radcliffe at all!

or for that matter, the character in the books :P

so to reinforce this fact, i went and googled Daniel Radcliffe. man, he's cut up now aye? also, you may want to turn safe search on, i got a few pictures that will be forever burned into my mind now. such as Danny boy with a horse...and no pants on. i mean, i know he wanted to go and do something different to get himself out of that whole Potter cast type, but seriously. Equus? Equus!?

anyways, a long time ago in Bethlehem (September of '06) i did a comic which actually was pretty similar to the above rant.

here is the link

and here is the comic, redone in awesome full color!

i like to think that my art has come along quite a bit in the past few years...of course there is still a huge amount left for improvement, it's just nice to see the difference that i've made over time.

also, here is what is on albies shirt:

Monday, July 28, 2008

Am i going to get in trouble for this?

i's errrrky sick, and i have insomnia. so what do i decide to do? try and Che Guevara-ize (an actual term, go tell your friends!) everyones favorite commodore. i was toying with the idea of making two crossed clubs on his beret, but he ended up looking like a pirate. which was not the intention, so i stuck with the traditional star.

this has probably been done before, so put the links in the comments aye :P

also, i would so totally wear that t-shirt.

Edit: yesh, i have changed the picture, which is the same in theory but different in practice.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Its all a bit metaphysical innit

yah, so's i've been trying out some different approaches to drawing. mostly with color and how its applied, and the relationships between different hues.

so i've got the newest Death Cab for Cutie album. To me, it sounds basically like more of the same from them. That's not a bad thing, mind you, it's just nothing new. I really like the sound that they have anyway.

today i went to the University of the South Pacific. it was an adventure in which i attempted to find out if i could attend a class or two. i'm very late, i know. i also needed to go to that side of town anyways, as my uncle had asked me to pick up some tickets for his family for the secondary schools show that is going on tonight.

so i showed up, told em who i was, and got sent backstage. my only piece of information was that i had to see a man named Eiglesi, and that he would have the tickets for my uncle. standing in the wings, i saw a lady with a walkie talkie, who looked like she knew what she was doing, and therefore probably know this mysterious Eiglesi.

Albert: excuse me, i'm looking for Eiglesi, d'you know where he is?

Walkie Talkie Lady: yeah, he's on stage.

Albert: oh, will be coming off anytime soon? which one is he?

Walkie Talkie Lady: he's the conductor.

so i basically had to wait for the whole show to finish before i got to get the tickets. wasn't a chore or anything though, seeing as how the show was actually pretty entertaining.

after that, it was to town to have lunch with the John and the Lawrence, and then to apply for a job at village 6. yes. i applied for a job. in the service industry. if i get this job, the blog can only keep getting better.

finally, Wilson gave me acts one and two of Dr. Horribles sing-along blog. it's...amazingly funny, and also pretty deep. act 3 is out already apparently, and i must get my filthy mitts on it! i must!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wish you were here

photoshop and world of warcraft, my two favorite games.

Monday, July 21, 2008

you want to see a magic trick?

so, the dark knight aye? twas amazing.

now i'm not a die-hard batman fan. i appreciate the batman, and what his appeal is. i mean, he doesn't have any superpowers, in a world when men can fly, set themselves on fire, and create forcefields with an energy ring. yet batman is the one who pulls the justice league out of the fire more often than not. he's the man.

the movie was...well, you watch it and you don't think, "this is a superhero movie". if it didn't have a man in a batsuit it would be a detective film, y'know? at the end of the day though, i didn't leave the cinema thinking, man, batman is awesome. i left thinking, my god, the joker is crazy.

he steals the show. every single scene he is in is memorable, he has such stage presence, he does. Heath Ledger deserves a post-humous oscar for it, no doubt about it. in fact, if he doesn't get one, i will be very upset. i have never seen such energy and effort put into a role like the jokers. at the end of the day, he's batmans foil, he's anarchy personified where batman represents justice and redemption.

it's just such a shame that Christian Bale is a poor batman, not the worst batman though ( i still think that honor goes to George Clooney...uuurgggh) . that. voice. is. terrible. honestly, i wanted to give him a cough drop. clear your throat when you talk Mr. Bale! then maybe people will understand you!

Michael Caine and Aaron Eckhart were also amazing, as was Gary Oldman. in fact, just about everyone in the movie was amazing, except for Christian Bale. ah well, he tried >_<

i watched the movie twice on thursday, the day it was released. once with Lawrence, The Griff and John, and the second time with Ronron, The Griff and Arjay. and it was even better the second time. watch this movie.

also notice how i tried not to spoil the movie for you, why would i do that? you need to experience it for yourself!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sometimes i just want to set the world on Fire

life is hard. if there's one thing i've learned, so far it's got to be that. sometimes it seems you've got no control, and there is absolutely no way you can make everyone happy. this may be an angry post...just letting you know.

i just, hate the fact that things have turned out the way they are. i realize that i have to deal with it, i know. i can't get around that fact that my dad isn't around to guide me anymore, or that i don't have a job, or that i have become a huge monetary burden on my family. mother. on some days it fluctuates, some days i hate the fact that i don't have a job, that I'm wasting time drawing and playing videogames and mucking around with people, and some days I'm just filled with indifference.

i want to blame it on hormones, i want to blame it on my age, and inexperience but i know I'm smarter than that. well...i like to think i'm smarter than that. is this as painful to write as it is to read?

i hate Fiji's economy. i really do, i hate the fact that i can't get a job drawing pictures for people, or selling comics. god...i sound whiny don't i?

so now I'm 19. i don't have the luxury of saying , oh, i'm only 18 now. now i have to officially be an adult, so to speak.

i hate not having any answers for the hard questions.

Monday, July 14, 2008

because i haven't drawn a comic for a while

i thought i'd write this one out :)

Yes, actually, I am trying to save the world

i have had one of the most inebriated weekends ever, and if you've read this blog enough, you might notice that that is quite a statement for me :P

friday was the last day of my surveying job, and it was a doozy. i spent the day wandering around valelevu asking people questions. twas quite the experience. the three moments that really stand out were pretty good ones.

there was the saleslady who asked me, after i told i her i didn't want a plastic bag, if i was trying to save the world. this surprised me. i mean, how did she know?

then there was the carrier driver, who proceeded to tell me his whole life story, including the part about his father losing a leg, and him having to start driving carriers at the age of 15. a carrier is basically a truck by the way, for those who came in late.

and finally, there was the little old lady in her small tailoring shop, which i had ducked into to get out of the rain. she sat at her sewing table while i asked her questions about mobile phones, and was just the sweetest old lady you'll ever meet. in the end of the interview, she asked me if i was related to my uncle. that is, she knew my uncle, and wanted to know if i was related to him.

then there was the barrel night...which i drank a silly amount of beer and then went to watch Hellboy 2. it was an amazing film, but this may have had to do with the beer.

and then came saturday. i went to see an old friend of mine, who's birthday is on the same day as me, to wish him...happy birthday. then i went to the surprise party at my house...which i knew nothing about. nuh uh. not me.

the party was awesome. i drank a silly amount of alcohol, and probably said some things that were silly. but i had an excuse at the time because it was fer my birthday, and Arjays birthday :P

what? examples of silly things?

albert: what, you guys are leaving? you're going to make me sleep alone on MY birthday!
everyone: laughs
albert: hey, i TRY ok, at least i TRY
ronna: giggle giggle
albert: oooh, she's laughing...that's a good sign!

EDIT: yesh, the conversation has been updated, i was drunk! i can't remember most of what i said! fanks sharky =_=

Also, the girlfriend wrote me a poem for my birthday. twas the sweetest thing anyones ever written for me. it also involved strippers :P

so what did i do on sunday? i mean, after the copious drinking on friday and saturday? why, go to John Michaels house to drink of course.

so all in all, it was a pretty good birthday weekend. lotsa booze, lotsa laughs, and lotsa fun.

also, because i am still taking a short break from drawing comicses, here is a pinup i prepared earlier.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

hangovers and smiles

it's possible to have huge ones at the same time.

i have the best friends in the world, and the greatest girlfriend ever :)

there will be elaborations when my head stops throbbing :P

also, ding! 19!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Moi Mouf 'urts

from all the talking i've been doing...silly!

yesh...the questionnaires that i have been given to complete are about 20 minutes long when you've finished asking all the questions and whatnot. and i have to complete about 20 a day. so...yesh, all in all it's 400 minutes of asking the same questions 20 times to 20 different people. i'm young though, so its okay ^_^

i read somewhere that you should try as many things as possible while you're young, stupid, and can still recover from it. if so, i'm pretty much on my way there. i mean, in the past year alone i've drawn and colored for comic magazines, been at an advertising firm, designed ads, blankets, website banners, sung in a band ( ^_^b ) and been a part of a marketing survey. 'tis been an adventure, and its just July.

i today. most of the gang i asked went through the whole questionnaire, and were really nice about it. one guy even gave me a couple bowls of grog while i was interviewing him. i also managed to stumble upon the local secretary of the Fiji Taxi Union, Mr. Rishi Ram. twas interesting, because when i asked for his name, he was all, "what? you don't know who i am? i'm on the front of todays Fiji Times darn it!"

then he took out the Fiji Times, and sure enough, the man's name was written there. in the bottom left hand corner. on the front page. really.

and yesh, i got a couple of people who recognised me because of my mum. but it's a small country, and to be expected :P

anyways, i am glad i have this short term job, and i'm not really feeling morbid about my birthday coming up at all.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I cannot see anything without my glasses

just bear this in mind :P

so, today i began my short term job as a survey marketing man-guy-person. today was mostly training and whatnot, which went well. experience in the radio industry doesn't hurt when you have to interview people. so, thankfully i have something to do this coming week, and will have some monies in my pocket for my awesome birthday weekeeeend! ( woot!)

i had trouble getting to sleep, which was weird. lotsa stuff was on my mind...about the new job, and where i see myself in the future and all. i have that worry a lot lately, but never fear! i shall do my best to work it out. also, the girlfriend made me smile like a goof last night, she has impeccable timing that girl does.

this is a semi-short post, due to the fact that i require sleep to perform at optimum surveying power tomorra!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Snatcher of the Cradles

my sister said she would keel me if i didn't give her some recognition for this strip :P

so...yeah thats it ^_^

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Why Ninja(s) are Awesome

many times i have been asked about my knowledge of ninja lore and facts. if i were to tell you the source of all my knowledge though, i would be forced to lodge a katana somewhere in your spleen, while at the same time telling you. granted, you would attain this sacred knowledge, but it will be for all of twelve seconds, before you bleed out and create a mess all over the floor which is really hard to clean up doncha know.

there is however, nothing stopping me from telling you how awesome ninja(s) are, in fact, i consider it my solemn duty to inform you of this, in case you ever meet a ninja, or, heaven forbid, have to face a ninja in battle (my advice, try to avoid it). to help illustrate the few points i will make today, i have asked my good friend miko to pose for some illustrations. to illustrate the point...okay i used the word illustrate a lot.

The Instant Ninja Strike

Ninja(s) are known for their subtlety in battle, and have been trained to kill in mere fractions of a second. In the time that it takes you to read this sentence, a ninja can kill you in up to twenty seven different ways. Twenty nine if you are a slow reader. in the above illustration you will observe Frank. Frank is a demon from an alternate hell dimension, who was sent to end Miko's life. despite having the strength of a thousand damned souls, and the ability to spit fire from his mouth and/or nipples, Frank must blink.

in the time that it takes Frank to blink, Miko can slice him in two, make a sandwich, and open the tops of several jars of pickles. this is known as the Instant Ninja Strike. there are ways around it, mind you, involving staples and string, but if i were to mention it the Dragon Clan would surely send someone to stick a gardening fork in my scapula.


The bear is considered one of the deadliest animals on the planet, alongside the tiger, african butterfly, and the common housecat, but did you know that there exists a construction more powerful and dangerous than even the bear? yes, i speak of the fabled Robo-bear, a fearsome amalgamation of both bear and robot, commonly hired by evil scientists to guard plans and such.
the robo-bear is able to destroy a squad of highly trained SEALS in mere seconds.

Ninja's are deadlier than Robo-bears.

In Closing
and so, that ends the first session of Why Ninja(s) are Awesome, and what an exciting and informative session it has been. I hope you can join us next time, where we will talk about some of the training that ninja's go through in order to gain their abilities, and maybe touch upon some important ninja avoidance skills.

until next time, may your ninjato stay sharp, and your shuriken fly true.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Valkyries are pretty coo'

urgh, life without the internet was a pain in the nether-regions >_<

i went to connect to get the modem checked, and that was fine...then i had to bug telecom for days to get the landline fixed. once that was done, i find out that i still cant get the modem to connect. the telecom fullahs though, they came over to my house, made a few phone calls and apparently it was some problem with their routers or something.

good fun.

also, lotsa stuffs happened in the past week. being permenantly unemployed now...and my fathers stuff being put up for auction...and dealing with insurance claims and all that. it's...been hectic.

also! i have played a lot of final fantasy 7 :P

anyways, now that net is fixed expect more regular updates and pitchers from the awesome cake front.

may your blades never dull!